What happens when things go wrong?

When a safeguarding issue arises you need a rigorous process to respond.
sportSafeguardingManager helps you achieve this by encouraging reporting of:

  • Incidents or adverse events due to actions (or lack of actions)
    that have led to harm which should have been preventable
  • Near Misses whereby a situation which could have placed an
    individual at risk was avoided by chance or purpose.
  • Risks whereby you identify factors in your organisation that could lead to a
    safeguarding incident, and to put an action plan in place to mitigate or eliminate the risk.

Any of these could occur in your sport or location. It’s important that you recognise what you are dealing with and how to respond.
That may mean corrective action to minimise the effects of the issue or preventative action to stop similar issues arising
in the future. A system of record is an essential tool for any sporting organisation.

Why Should “Near Misses” Be Reported?

A system of record is essential to promote good practice.

Reduce risks for all participants by not waiting for harm to occur

Trigger improvements in safeguarding processes

Alert others to possible vulnerabilities and/or gaps in training

Globocol’s sportSafeguardingManager provides you with a place to record the facts of an incident, near miss or risk. Creating a record
gives visibility to the issue and kicks off a process of investigation and review. The investigation and review stages in turn generate a
record of preventative and corrective actions. The goal is to ensure that you reduce the risk of anything similar happening again.


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New Incident Report

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Record View

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What sportSafeguardingManager Offers You

Report incidents, near misses and risks Carry out and record full investigation Generate and manage corrective and preventative action
Programmed email notifications Automated workflow Management dashboard for 'at a glance' metrics Export to Excel for offline custom analysis
Attach digital content to the report (photos, video) Create and share "lessons learned" in the community
Dual factor authentication options available UK Data Centre hosting and UK helpdesk
User definable keywords for customization Track relevant staff safeguarding credentials

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